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Lighting Installation and Automation Solutions


For more than two decades the Dutch company KSE Process Technology has placed its trust in automation components from WAGO – likewise during the construction of its new production hall.

KSE Process Technology, headquartered in Bladel, the Netherlands, supplies everything that companies need for proportioning, weighing, and transporting of materials. Besides proportioning and weighing systems, KSE also supplies automation solutions and services for producers of powders, grains, and granulates in the animal feed industry, and other related branches. KSE has relied on the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM in their products and services for more than 20 years. It is used for the ALFRA proportioning and weighing systems, and for the PROMAS automation software, which can automate entire production processes from A to Z.

KSE has grown continuously over the past 40 years and has developed into a company active on the world stage. Since the production facilities were bursting at the seams, the company constructed a new manufacturing facility. It is part of a five-year-plan, which include the construction of additional buildings on the company grounds in Bladel.

KSE chose WAGO automation components for various control applications in its new production facility. “WAGO always has the perfect solution at hand when it comes to automation control systems,” explains Sjak de Laat, Mechatronics Developer at KSE. The modular WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM is characterized by flexibility and open-source abilities, which facilitates a problem-free usage of the most common fieldbus protocols. “This is why we use the WAGO controller and DALI modules for lighting control, for example, in our new production building,” says de Laat.

A Solution with Many Advantages

The WAGO controllers were integrated into the ETHERNET MODBUS network. Berry de Brouwer, Software Developer at KSE, explains how the proprietary software controls the WAGO-I/OSYSTEM, “The lighting in the hall was divided into four regions, which are controlled according to daylight using intelligent sensors.” WAGO controllers and the DALI lighting control system will also be used in the other new buildings, which will be constructed as part of the next project phase. This enables a subdivision of the lighting system based on zones. “The lighting is switched off automatically when the rooms are not in use,” explains de Laat. “This allows us to easily save energy.”

The WAGO automation system not only encompasses the lighting control system, but also the heat recovery system, the ventilation system, the access control system, and the control system for the sliding and rolling doors. “Once you’ve come to know WAGO, you don’t look any further. WAGO solutions are extremely user-friendly and ready for immediate use. Simply plug it in – done. What’s more, we can also rely on good technical support with fast reaction times. And let’s not forget the impressive selection of products from WAGO,” states de Laat. The installation of different components in the new production building went smoothly, and no faults or disturbances were experienced during subsequent operations. “Installation and connection are simple with WAGO, and it’s possible to easily expand existing systems at any time.”