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WAGO Energy Data Management System


The new WAGO Energy Data Management system easily records and manages energy data without any programming and can be upgraded at any time.

Corporations are increasingly scrutinizing the efficiency of their buildings and equipment. However, the level of potential savings can only be determined once all energy sources and their consumers are systematically recorded. The basis for this is a suitable measurement system that can satisfy three criteria: it must be easy to integrate into the system, operate at very low cost, and ensure simple processing of the data it collects.

This is exactly the solution offered by the new WAGO Energy Data Management. Combining preconfigured hardware and user-friendly software into one package, WAGO’s measurement system can be readily integrated into both systems and building technologies. In addition to energy-specific values, like electrical currents or voltages, many other measurement values can also be recorded that are relevant for industrial and process technologies or for building applications. Current, gas, heat, water, compressed air, and temperature are examples of data that can be measured in one system. Recording them enables a comprehensive view into the energy flows as well as into individual production processes at a company. The system hardware includes the WAGO PFC200 Controller and the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750.

Visualization is Included

The WAGO Energy Data Management is thus also suited for those corporations that are only starting to monitor energy use, or those who would like to work on the problem without using a higher-level energy management software product. Different evaluations can be generated using the integrated visualization tool. Companies can thus generate load curves that are synchronized to their power supplier, or determine which consumers are responsible for peak loads via second-by-second display. In addition, energy use may be monitored in relation to specific process adaptations to determine how much energy would be saved, for example, by using variable speed motors or new lights.

Advantages of WAGO Energy Data Management: