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In the office or on the road


Already a matter of fact in the private domain: apps have become an indispensable and practical tool in our everyday lives. Now, WAGO demonstrates with its WebVisu app the benefits that this application software brings to mobile devices and building automation — automated systems can now be conveniently operated and monitored from mobile devices.

Manfred Meier is responsible for building maintenance in several commercial and industrial buildings. This includes a six-story office center just outside the downtown area that houses a number of offices, including medical practices, and offices for lawyers. Although faults in the electrical systems, or with the heating and air-conditioning systems are rare, they are always inconvenient when they occur in a complex teaming with so many commercial tenants. Therefore, Meier places a great deal of importance on early fault detection by continuously monitoring systems in order to prevent failures from occurring. The experienced building technician has often desired a way to monitor his buildings’ parameters and consumption levels while he is on the go.

The App Reports a Problem with the Heating System

Meier is usually not in the office when a system fault occurs. Take, for example, the last fault in a six-story office and medical complex: “Temperature drop, Temp.Stat. 14, Temp.Stat. 15, Temp.Stat. 16, Bonner Str., 06:14 am”.

The sensors in the building, including those for temperature, report their data at regular intervals to a central control unit. If the reported data lie outside the set threshold ranges, the WAGO control system recognizes this and posts an error to the control system’s website, which Meier can now access via his mobile device.

Previously, the technical manager would have needed to travel to his office or directly to the affected building. Now, he can perform fault localization for any building system wherever he is using his tablet or smartphone and the WAGO WebVisu App. With just a few swipes on his device, building data shows him that the heating system’s operation is error-free and that the radiator valves are open. He can also see that the burner is maintaining the set initial temperature. The values for the circulation pump are shown in the next app window. This data indicates that the heating pump is not working for the section of the building that is reporting the problem. Meier then immediately dispatches the local heating technician; when Meier arrives at the building two hours later, the pump has been replaced and the temperature has returned to normal.

App Provides Complete Building Automation at a Glance

The WebVisu app provides data for entire building systems — regardless of manufacturer — to mobile devices. From a central location, users can activate minimum lighting, modify brightness thresholds, regulate sun shades to follow the sun’s path throughout the day, or activate air conditioning. Even security functions, such as broken glass detection, can be integrated. Functions can be controlled room-by-room, by floor, or across the entire building.

Control any room, floor or building: WAGO’s WebVisu App puts all building automation data from any manufacturer at your fingertips on your mobile device. Even security functions, such as broken glass detection, can be integrated. The WAGO app brings CODESYS-2 automation web visualization to your mobile device. The software supports WAGO control systems, such as the PFC200, or ETHERNET and BACnet/IP controllers. Up to 100 control systems can be pre-configured to quickly load their websites. Individual room control panels or wall-mounted control units can now be replaced and new functions can be added — for entire buildings.

The complete app — not a ‘lite’ version — is available from WAGO free of charge. Configuring the app is virtually self-explanatory. As more and more employees use mobile devices for work, this app is ideal for enhancing the operation and control of both existing and future systems. An iOS version for iPhones and iPads is available at the Apple App Store, and as an Android version for smartphones and tablets can be found at Google Play.

Text: Ludwig Adelmann, WAGO
Photo: WAGO